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VarmintAir Presents: Airgun Hunting The California Ground Squirrel

Welcome to VarmintAir.com, a website devoted to the sport of varmint hunting with Modern Adult Airguns.

The video, Airgun Hunting the California Ground Squirrel, shows the efficiency and effectiveness of varmint hunting with Modern Adult Airguns.

Eliminating destructive and disease-carrying vermin such as the California Ground Squirrel is a major issue for many farmers and ranchers. Airgun Hunting the California Ground Squirrel shows how the Modern Adult Airgun can be an effective alternative to using poison in dealing with this problem.

Airgun Varmint Hunting can be a cost-effective and fun new way of enjoying the out-of-doors. The world of hunting is changing and, in some areas, Modern Adult Airguns may be the way of the future.

Please be advised and warned:
This is an airgun hunting site with graphic hunting pictures. We do not wish to offend those who do not participate in this sport; therefore, do not proceed to the next page unless you are interested in varmint hunting with airguns.
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